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About Us

Our office advises entrepreneurs and companies in the real estate and infrastructure fields in a variety of projects and transactions, including commercial, offices residential and industrial, yielding real estate, as well as projects in the field of urban renewal (evict-build and National Outline Scheme 38). We provide out clients a complete set of services during all stages of purchase, planning, development and construction of the project, including handling of the required financial advice and financing. The office advises large residential, commercial and offices projects and specializes, inter alia, in execution transactions and combination transactions, and in handling tenders, evict-build transactions and urban renewal.

The office handles many commercial companies on an ongoing basis, both in providing legal advice as well as in representation before various legal instances. In addition, the office collaborates with professional agents such as: Land appraisers, private investigators, and is connected directly to computerized databases.


Our Credo

We believe in providing legal and professional handling. In addition, we have made it our goal to provide our clients creative, expeditious and highly available legal service, while maintaining close personal contact with our clients and being attentive to their needs and goals. Our office believes in the guiding principles of professionalism of the highest standards, paying the utmost attention and providing a full response to the needs of the client and ensuring fairness which guides us at all times.

We believe that due to the fact that this has been our way throughout the years we have been able to achieve and provide successful service to a variety of public companies, a wide variety of real estate and investments groups, as well as other large and respectable clients, which are only happy to trust us with handling their complex and large affairs again and again. Our office is determined to continue to act pursuant to these values in the future

Office Team

Our legal team includes experienced business attorneys and an administrative team of legal secretariat, administrative team and couriers that assist us in the various office tasks.

Some of our attorneys are members of various legislative committees of the Israel Bar. 

The office handles construction projects of large companies and large projects (hundreds of residential units) throughout Israel.

Some of the attorneys serve as managers, directors and attorneys in fact of companies and partnerships both private and public past and present.

The team has clear professional proficiency in providing ongoing legal representation and in addition in certain fields the office is assisted by expert and proficient attorneys that provide advice and assistance in their fields of expertise.  

Guy Mendelson

Attorney and notary

Advocate Guy Mendelson handles commercial and private clients in a wide variety of fields, complex real estate transactions and more. 

LL.B in Business Law from Coventry University 

LL.M. in commercial law from the Bar-Ilan University 

 A member of the Israel Bar since 1997.

A member of the property and land committee of the Israel Bar.

Mediator – a member of David Rot Levy Israel Mediation Institution at the Israel Bar

Listed on the court mediators list.

Among the first advocates to have been qualified by the Ministry of Justice – the General Guardian to make an ongoing power of attorney

Between 2006 and 2009 Guy Mendelson served as director and member of the audit committee in Pi Finances, a company operating in the capital market which includes, inter alia, management of nostro positions in derivatives on the MAOF index, trade in share indices, investment in securities and in financial assets in the capital market and management of a hedge fund traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Marina Horsko Zilka

Attorney and notary

Advocate Marina Horsko Zilcha advises transactions and real estate projects as well as representation of contractors with the relevant authorities, drafting contracts, complex real estate transactions, financial advice, registration of condominiums and representation in actions to dissolve partnerships and more. 

Advocate Marina Horsko Zilcha has a bachelors degree in jurisprudence (LL.B) from Tel Aviv University.

 A member of the Israel Bar since 1991

Sivan Navon


Advocate Sivan Navon advises transactions and real estate projects as well as representation of contractors with the relevant authorities, drafting contracts, registration of condominiums and representation in actions to dissolve partnerships.

Advocate Sivan Navon has a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence (LL.B) from The colllege of management.

A member of the Israel Bar since 2009.


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