Representation in planning and building proceedings

Construction Site. Representation In Planning And Building Proceedings

The office handles representation in planning and building proceedings, advice, and filing lawsuits relating to Urban Building Schemes, Regional Building Schemes, National Outline Schemes and more.

The office has extensive experience in planning and building, promotion of Urban Building Schemes, and advises entrepreneurs and rights owners in all matters pertaining to the promotion of local and regional plans and in representation in planing and building proceedings and in representation with the various committees. The office specializes in promotion of complex real estate projects, in evict-build projects and in rights abundant projects, and in increasing the building rights and represents both local authorities as well as private entrepreneurs in matters of betterment levy and development agreements. 

The office represents its clients in the planning and building committees, the appeal committees and the administrative courts (including administrative petitions, administrative appeals, and appeals to the Supreme Court in administrative matters).


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